Parent Testimonials

Coming back to the co-op for camp brings back so many good memories. It feels like I never left. It is like a home away from home. It is so fun, and everyone is so nice. We make good friends there. I like to come back to camp every year! – an 8-year-old NCNS fan

The Co-op is amazing. The teachers are so caring and engaged with the kids. My kids come home and teach me yoga poses!  I was looking for a pre-school that would be a gentle transition into a learning environment. At the co-op there is a curriculum that supports early learning but still has lots of time for fun and free play. I wanted my kids to learn to listen to a teacher and how to get along in a group of kids first and foremost. I am so glad we found the co-op! – Sarah MacDougall

I looked around quite a bit before placing my son in daycare. He hadn’t started to speak yet at three years old, and he needed socialization and was very shy. And I was petrified. But I knew right away that I had found the right place at NCNS. It has a very warm and loving atmosphere, the teachers are outstanding, and my son loved the yoga and library visits in particular. His ECE at NCNS and his Early Interventionist worked in tandem on his file and the three of us would meet regularly to discuss his progress and make strategies for what we’d do at home and at school. He absolutely thrived at NCNS, made wonderful friends, and when he started to speak, it was in full sentences. Years later, he is doing very well in school and is still friends with several kids from his time at NCNS. It was completely the right decision for us. Thank goodness for NCNS! – Anonymous

Our family has been a part of the Co-op for 6 years so far. All three of our kids were in diapers when they started (those didn’t last long), and our oldest loved it so much the other two couldn’t wait to go! One loved all the activities—the gym, yoga, trips to the petting zoo and pony farms. Another loved the arts and crafts, huge building projects, books, and toys, as well as the Mother’s Day Tea and Father’s Day Valentines Party. The youngest loves the spontaneous dance parties, the great playground and herb garden, and the in-house chef! (Apparently “she makes the best food!”) Our two oldest are in grade school now, but they still return to the Co-op on PA Days for Yoga Camp, and they all go to the Co-op Summer Camp—splash pad, horseback riding, teepee-making, music, sports, photography—where they look forward to hanging out with their old BFFs! The Co-op has been a huge part of our family and will continue to be so for several years. – Rebecca & Geoff Graves

I didn’t know where to start looking and Kelly was a mom I admired.  With three smart, lively boys, she made careful decisions about every part of their health, socialization and education.  It showed.  Her boys were happy, active, creative and polite.  Since she was herself a kindergarten teacher, I figured she would be well-informed when it came to recommending an accomplished and even extraordinary daycare.  So I asked her, “Where do I find a place for my children to learn, to explore, to feel safe, to feel as important as they do at home?  Where do I find a place I can trust?”  She didn’t even hesitate.  “The Co-op.  You’ll love it there.”  She was right.  My kids love it.  My husband and I love it.  It feels like a second home to all of us. – Anne Page and Rino Gombocz, Holland Landing (mom and dad to Jack age 5 and Evelyn age 3)

We wanted our son to go to a Child Care centre where he would have the opportunity to learn through play in a more structured environment than we have at home, i.e., art/craft time, story time, circle time, etc. We wanted him to socialize with other children freely but with supervision when needed.  We also wanted a place where the caregivers would be warm with the children (hugs are a regular occurrence) and openly communicate with parents (calls and text messages are a two-way street). The Newmarket Co-op has offered all of that, plus fantastic bonuses like yoga, gym, regular trips to the library, field trips, and events that include the whole family.  The snacks and meals are healthy, and they are always willing to modify for different dietary needs.  Nowhere else have we found such a small caregiver:child ratio, as flexible a schedule, or as much variety in programming. The Co-op has fit our lives so well and feels like a special, warm “village” helping to raise our child. – Jodi Thomas (Co-op mom for 2 years and counting!)