The School

Mission Statement

The Newmarket Co-operative Nursery School offers preschool and daycare programs based on the child’s needs, interests and abilities with a unique opportunity for active parent participation.

The school is a non-profit charitable organization, owned and operated by its members. The members, through their Board of Directors, establish and administer policy–as well as help plan the school program.

What is a Co-operative School?

Co-operative nursery schools present a unique opportunity for a mutual learning experience – teacher, child, and parents learning together.


A learning environment with the support of both teacher and parents encourages the full development of the two-and-a-half- to five-year-old child. The co-operative nursery school provides a play based, child initiated program fulfilling the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive needs of the pre-kindergarten child.

Together we are able to provide a rich learning environment for our children!

Our goal is to provide, through co-operative effort, the following:

  • An opportunity for each child to participate in a nursery school program based on his/her needs, interests and abilities as a means of promoting their physical, social emotional and intellectual development.
  • An interactive environment where parents may reach a better understanding of their child’s needs and behaviour through observing and assisting in the daily school program.


443 Park Avenue, Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 1V9 Phone: (905)895-9341